Friday, April 4, 2014

Birdwatching on the Camino is fun!

 We really enjoy birdwatching, and walking the Camino gives lots of opportunity to enjoy the birds, along with other "critters".  One day we passed a sheep pen moments after a lamb was born.  We often see sheep, goats, horses and cattle, while many cats have made friends, while "guard dogs" have barked at one end while their tail has wagged at the other.
 But we love watching the birds.
 These two - the kestrel and this wagtail,were at the castle in Ponferrada.
 Storks are busy nesting these days.  This fella flew away with a full beak of nesting material.
 This little guy is a European Robin, about as happy a little fella as you'd expect.
 This one has a green back - not sure who he was.
 This one is Robin.

 This crested fella is a lark.

 This is a red legged partridge.
 A wagtail.
 Easter a shop window.
 A European goldfinch.
 Not too sure, but what a great spot to perch!

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